The Solmar V is one of the most luxurious live-aboard dive vessels in the world

We are a luxury live-aboard dive vessel departing from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico—well within range of the most exciting diving in the Sea of Cortez and Soccoro Islands. During the weeks of our great white shark season at Guadalupe Island we depart from Ensenada, Mexico. The Solmar V travels with a crew of 10 and a maximum of 22 divers.

As our guest, you will receive unmatched service and comfort while experiencing the best big animal diving on earth!

Side scanning sonar, multiple radar systems and the most modern electronic marine technology package provide an excellent compliment to our experienced crew. Twin compressors, with cascade storage for fast filling, provide our guests with an endless air supply and quick fills between dives. Two main engines and three full-time generators power the Solmar V to a top cruising speed of 11 knots. Two freshwater makers produce 1,600 gallons per day, more than adequate for our passenger capacity.

Photography by Bonnie Pelnar