Dining Aboard Solmar V

Chef Tony realizes the importance of delicious, healthy food during your cruise with us. You will be well-fed from the time you set foot on board until the time you leave. Arriving guests are greeted with tasty treats from Chef Tony's kitchen and special Solmar V Margaritas.

Each day the early risers can start with fresh, hot coffee or tea and pastries. Before the first dive passengers are served their choice of continental or full hot breakfast, both if you like. When early morning dives are scheduled a continental breakfast is ready before the dive with a full hot breakfast right after.

In between dives, enjoy Tony's fresh baked brownies or cookies along with hot chocolate. In between lunch and dinner scrumptious snacks ranging from homemade pizza to sushi are served.  

At lunchtime, divers come back to the lounge for a delicious lunch which includes fresh homemade soup, a hot entree and desert. Throughout the day there is always fresh fruit and other finger food available on our snack table. Don't see something you'd like? Ask any of our staff and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Vegetarian and special diets are not a problem - please advise our U.S. office at least two weeks before travel. We strive to use fresh produce and local ingredients as much as possible.

We realize that our diving experience is like no where else on
earth, so we may opt to keep the dive deck open through
lunch on days when the experience is extraordinary.

Luxury live-aboardOn those days lunch will be available over several hours so you can grab something to eat during your surface interval and get right back into the water when you're ready. We don't want you to miss any of the excitement!

Following the afternoon dives our Chef will have snacks waiting, which leads to happy hour. There is plenty of Mexican beer and Chilean wine on board and there is no additional charge for either. If you like Tequila be sure to try one of our secret recipe Solmar V Margaritas - they're world-class!

Every night divers will enjoy a sumptuous 3-course dinner prepared by Chef Tony. We serve a house "white" and "red" which most folks like, but if you've brought a special bottle or have a special occasion while on board, we'll provide you with decanters and crystal wine goblets upon request. Someone having a birthday while onboard? Let our U.S. office know and we'll surprise them with a birthday cake and crew serenade!

Photos by Bonnie Pelnar