Guadalupe: How To Get To Ensenada

For our Guadalupe trips you can either fly into San Diego, California or Tijuana, Mexico. In order to make things easy on our guests, you are picked up by one of our staff in San Diego, California and escorted across the Tijuana border where we pick up any guests that have flown in there and on to Ensenada, Mexico. In Tijuana, we pick up at the Hotel Real Inn in downtown only. Our host hotel is the Hampton Inn San Diego-Downtown (a member of the Hilton family).  Note that Solmar V negotiated with the Hampton Inn to give our guests a discount off the published rate which includes a full breakfast on the day of departure. After confirming your reservation you will receive all the necessary information to book your room. You should fly in one day prior to the start of your trip.

A Solmar V representative will arrive to the lobby of the Hampton Inn between 8:30 - 9:00 a.m. on Day 1 to make sure all guests have arrived without a hitch and do not need any further assistance. Look for a smiling face wearing our signature forest green polo shirt with Solmar V logo on the front. A luxury motor coach will then pick the group up at 10:00AM on day 1 of your trip date.  Look for the motor coach and driver with the Solmar V sign. The departure meeting area is outside the lobby of the Hampton Inn. Please understand it’s extremely important you stay at this property because the luxury motor coach will only pick up from this location.  If you stay at any other property in San Diego or are driving in from neighboring areas, you must make your own way to the Hampton Inn San Diego-Downtown before 10 a.m. on your departure date. If driving, don't forget to leave time to park your car and get to the Hampton Inn by 10 a.m. We can provide updated parking options closer to your date of departure.


At the U.S./Mexico border, you will disembark the luxury motor coach with your belongings and proceed through the Mexican customs area. Mexican customs officials use random search by asking you to push a button connected to what looks like a traffic light.  A red light means they’ll check your bags and a green light means you may proceed. Please be respectful at all times to the Mexican officials. There is a limit on the amount of camera and/or video gear you can take into Mexico so please contact our office if you plan on taking lots of gear. Once everyone from the luxury motor coach has cleared the Mexican customs area, you will re-board the luxury motor coach and pick up any guests that might be in Tijuana where afterwards you will continue on to Ensenada, Mexico. You will arrive at Cruise Port Marina and board the Solmar V by approximately 1:00PM with an immediate departure to Guadalupe Island once port authorities have cleared the vessel. Remember that all our trips include a staff member that rides the bus with you all the way to the boat and will assist the group with the border crossing.


We will be happy to answer any other questions regarding arrival so call our office at 310-455-3600 in Los Angeles, CA or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking forward to seeing you aboard soon!