Roca Partida

Roca Partida is a small pinnacle located west of Socorro and San Benedicto, about 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas. It is only 115 feet high and 300 feet from end to end. Its the smallest island in the Revillagigedo Archipelago.

This stony pillar attracts pelagics and large schools of jacks and tuna. Beneath the surface the wall drops straight down to deep water. There are many shelves and ridges that give refuge to the animals that hide there.

At about 40' there are large caves where groups of whitetip sharks can be found sleeping most of the time. Depending on the current, its possible to swim around the pinnacle several times in the course of one dive. Other times divers prefer to just hang out in one area and watch the pelagics swim by.

Guests have spotted schools of hammerheads, whitetip sharks, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, giant manta rays, dolphins, an occasional whaleshark and even humpback whales enroute to Alaska.

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Photos by Erick Higuera, David Valencia, Bonnie Pelnar