Socorro Island is another island we visit during our Revillagigedos adventure.

Socorro is about 30 miles south of San Benedicto. The island is about 10 miles by 9 miles in size and is home to the Mexican Naval Station since 1957.

The island was discovered by Spanish explorer, Hernando de Grijalva and his crew in 1533 and had been rediscovered in 1542 and again in 1608 when it was given its name "Socorro", meaning "Help".

In the center of the island rises volcanic Mt. Evermann, who's top is 1130 meters above sea level. The mountain was named after Dr. Barton Warren Evermann, director of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California in honor of the scientific exploration he promoted there at the beginning of the twentieth century.

It's most recent eruption was in 1993. The island is covered with low order vegetation—sage, some grass and a dense growth of cactus that grows around the lava outcrops and lines. In September 1997 the island was struck by Hurricane Linda, one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded.

Solmar V usually visits dive sites here including Aquarium and Cabo Pearce.

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Socorro island Socorro island

Photography by Norbert Wu