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      February 26 – March 6, 2017 #TripReport

      Humpback Whale Socorro Roca Solmar V

      February 26 – March 6, 2017 #TripReport

      Hi All!

      A Dolphin and Hump Back Whale trip!

      Our crossing South to Isla San Benedicto was spectacular, really flat surface ocean
      conditions! Las Cuevas our fist dive of the trip as a check out dive in Isla San Benedicto!
      Lots of white tip reef sharks, flounders, green sea turtles, 2 chevron mantas, sting rays, lots
      of reef fish, in the over heads clusters of lobsters, a great first dive under very friendly
      conditions, vis average 40ft/12m, no current at all, water temp 73℉/23℃, air temp 77℉/
      25℃, Roca Partida amazing place, great memories to take back home! Lots of videos
      and pictures were taken by our happy customers to enter the famous Solmar V photo
      contest, as early as 7:20 am we are all ready in the water enjoying the chirping of
      more than 15 friendly dolphins for more than 35 minutes, Giant Pacific Mantas as
      friendly as always swimming slowly letting us swim under blowing lots of bubbles,
      yellow fin tunas hunting, a massive school of stripe bonitos showed up several times
      even with dolphins and silky sharks tailing them! A school of 24 Hammer Heads were
      there in the South end of the Rock, Silver tip sharks! this is not it! We enjoyed the
      opportunity of snorkeling with Hump Back Whales several times, mama, boyfriend
      and calf! Even breaches high in front of the zodiacs, other times the came just by our
      Boat Solmar V, Cabo Pearce dive site at Isla Socorro, early dives the best! Dolphins
      once again! This time one of them came up to us so close so close within inches away
      from our hands inviting us to pet, of course we did, we spent minutes and minutes
      petting this dolphin while others were swimming circles around us, of course mantas
      demanding of our attention above every body!

      Punta Tosca dive site at Socorro as
      well made us enjoy of friendly mantas under those easy dive conditions.
      Back to Isla San Benedicto to dive El Boiler, the first dive of the morning with
      about 14 dolphins chirping so loud! Swimming with them made us go far from the rock
      at the same time swimming with them made us return to the rock, the North West
      side turned to be a cleaning station not only for mantas but dolphins too at a depth of
      110ft/33m, easy 35 to 40 minutes of dolphin joy! Nitrox 32 a great advantage to stay
      with chevron and black mantas longer time in shallower water for the rest of the day!
      Of course lobsters, octos, white tips jacks and more were there to compliment a
      great day!

      Dive conditions of the trip:
      Average Vis 60ft/18m
      Air temp average of the trip 77℉/25 ℃
      Average Current 2 in a scale from 1 to 5
      Average water temp 75℉/23℃

      Ocean surface conditions: flat.
      Weather: Sunny

      Dive Instructor
      Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.


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      1. Lashunda Reply

        I adore it when folks come together and share opinions, great site,
        keep it up.

        1. Solmar V Reply

          Thank you!!!

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