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      April 2 – April 12, 2017 #TripReport

      April 2 – April 12, 2017 #TripReport

      Hi All!
          We are so exited about this extended trip, which means more diving time! San Benedicto Island offered quality in diving, Las Cuevas check out dive with green sea turtles, white tip sharks, lobsters, lots of tropical fish and even an encounter with a tiger shark at the end of the dive made it count, El Boiler dive site the following early morning was amazing with dolphins, a few mantas and tiger shark , visibility great but a challenging current made us go around the Island to dive El Cañon, current was still there but more area to drift along the site, towards the end of the day was nice diving with juvenile silver tip sharks, a few hammer heads, of course the whole site is very healthy with lots of fish, silky sharks made every safety stop fun, so curious, up close for great shots. 

      On the other hand two days of diving Roca Partida as amazing as always, morning dives spectacular with 16 dolphins for mere than 20 minutes, visibility more than 100ft/30m, water temp 74℉/23.3℃, current mild to manage, surface of the ocean flat as a glass, the number of fish gathering is just insane! Yellow fin tunas, jacks, wahoos, friendly mantas every dive! ROCA PARTIDA shelter for for so many species become at the same time a shark place to dive, Hammer Heads, silver tip, white tip, Galapagos, silky sharks in one single dive! Huge Skip Jack bait ball right by the rock chased by dolphins! Difficult to leave but next Island SOCORRO awaits!

      ROCA O’NEAL nice wall dive starts at 50ft/15m, drops down to 120ft/40m, 3 chambers cave was nice to explore, white tip sharks, lobsters, sting rays the usual suspects there, PUNTA TOSCA offered nice wall dive as well with lots of reef fish, a  few Hammer Heads and of course manta dives of about 50 minutes, CABO PEARCE great diving! Schooling Hammer Heads! Mantas so playful with six dolphins at the same time! Galapagos Shark, Silky, White tip, Silver tip sharks, very healthy place, reef, flounders, lobsters, zebra eels, octos, mid water flooded of fish! Out of the blue literally speaking a mother and calf hump back whale swam by ahead of us crossing the reef! Great way to end up diving Socorro Island!
      Back in San Benedicto Island El Cañon dive site, early dive and all day long Hammer Heads were seen! A great combination of current with blue water vis! Of course Mantas don’t want to leave us alone here! A tiger shark made itself visible to us. DOS HERMANOS dive site spectacular diving with mantas, from beginning to end, 60 minutes each dive of friendly mantas in a zero current conditions! We had to go Back to El BOILER once more! About 11 dolphins found us to be with for more than 20 minutes, the constant chirping, playing display made us interact with, big swells conditions made us end up the trip by EL CAÑON, not bad at all considering a very playful manta during the whole dive, safety stop with six silky sharks and a female tiger shark that came up from depth to visit us while drifting in a safety stop!
      Average Visibility of trip 70ft/21m
      Average Water temp 74℉/23℃
      Current conditions from 1 to 5, was 3
      Dive Inst
      Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.


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