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      August 10 – 14, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

      August 10 – 14, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

      The water temperature was 72F/22C and the visibility around 80feet/24m. Three days of hot and sunny days in Guadalupe island.

      The first day started slow and around noon the first shark showed up. In total during the day we had five or six different sharks. Zapata aka Bruce, Crazy Luis and Garmin were some of the animals chasing the bait. The second day probably was the best day. The shark activity started early, Garmin was the first shark in the area and latter on the day; Zapata showed up, but just for a couple of times only. Probably today we had seven or eight different sharks.
      The last day of cage diving at seven am the first guest was ready to go in the water. Again Garmin and Crazy Luis were here with another three sharks. The animals were very active today, chasing bait and swimming around the submersible cage.

      Overall the third trip of the season was great. A lot of activity around the surface cages and the sharks passing by close to the submersible cage. The people came back with great pictures and happy faces.
      Th crossing to Guadalupe was a little rough,took us almost 20 hours to get there. The return to Ensenada was nice and smooth.

      See you next time
      MSDT Pablo


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