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      September 26th – September 30th, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

      September 26th – September 30th, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

      Dive Report- Trip N 12 (September 26 -30)


      Hi everyone!!


      One more fun trip to Guadalupe Island to confirm that the population of great white shark is healthy and growing. The weather temperature was 26 ºC / 80 F, sunny and warm, perfect to go inside the cages and watch this magnificent creature of the ocean.

      The first day we set the bait and chum in the water and we’ve been waiting a long time for the great whites to show up, but finally the first one arrived to say “Hi, here we are!” Then later another one came swimming so fast against the bait. We can say that we saw 3 to 4 different sharks.

      The next day we moved to another location and early in the morning we had the first great whites circling near the cages at the surface. The water temperature was 72 F /23 C and the visibility was 80 ft / 24 m, very clean and clear. The action was non-stop. We had great whites all day patrolling the area, circling the submersible cage, splashing the water at the surface, showing us their dorsal fin and showing their skills as hunters within the bait. We saw 7 different sharks during the day, one of them was a big male of 4m / 12 ft and was sad to watch that it has a hook and a long fishing line. We also saw a smaller shark which was darker and he had some marks of a rope around its body. A couple of juveniles were very aggressive biting the bait, showing us their jaws and they had no more than 2 m / 6 ft.

      The last day in the Island we watched 4 to 5 different great whites in the area and we had lots of movement of divers getting in and out of the cages. Everyone was very enthusiastic about this amazing opportunity to watch the apex predator of the ocean in a shallow water and safe environment. The cage diving in Guadalupe is because the good visibility and number of individuals! It’s the best place in the world to dot this!! Another incredible experience with The Solmar V!! See you soon!!


      Ignacio H. Leyro

      Scuba Instructor


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