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      February 6th – February 14th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

      February 6th – February 14th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

      From February 06 to February 14.

      This trip started in San Benedicto Island where we stayed for two days. The first day we dove in “El Cañón” and “Dos Hermanas”; where we saw mantas, hammerheads, silver tips, Galapagos a whale shark and a big school of skip jacks. The second day we dove in “El Boiler” where we saw dolphins early in the morning, mantas during the day and at the end of the last dive two more juvenile whale sharks!

      The next stop was Socorro Island where we dove in “Cabo Pearce”. We saw dolphins in the morning and some of the divers had the opportunity to interact with them! The rest of the dives we saw mantas, hammerheads, Galapagos and silvertips sharks.

      After being in Socorro we headed to “Roca Partida”. We found the school of hammerheads but in water too deep to follow them. Galapagos, white tips and silver tips were the other sharks we saw. On this trip our clients decided to stay only one day in Roca and return to San Benedicto, because they wanted to dive in “El Boiler” one more time. We started early the last day, for a better chance to dive with dolphins. A pack of nine
      dolphins were hunting and chasing jack’s fishes; a mama teaching the calf how to hunt included. For the rest of the dives we saw lots of mantas all over the dive site, a few hammerheads and a couple of Galapagos sharks.

      Thanks’ to our friends of “Aqua Hut” for this great trip in Revillagigedo Islands. “Best trip ever!!!”

      Dive Instructor
      Solmar V
      Crossing 26 hrs
      Wind 1
      Clouds 1
      Current 2
      Water Temp 24C/75F
      Visibility 30m/100feet


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