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      April 21st – April 29th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

      April 21st – April 29th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)



      This trip at Roca Partida we could enjoy the sight of a juvenile whale shark swimming closer to the surface, a pod of 7 dolphins hunting on the east side of the islet, 5 different mantas along the two days we stayed at Roca, a huge school of skipjacks patrolled by silky sharks, all this among tons of black jacks, cotton mouth jacks and white tip reef sharks that kept swimming against the current in the north and the south points. Swimming in the blue we could spot a big school of 30+ sharks, between them we had silvertips, hammerheads and Galapagos and we cannot forget one of the highlights here on the last trips, a huge tuna of about 300 pounds that stays closer to the rock in order to get his food, scaring and chasing anything that come across his way.

      In San Benedicto Island the action didn’t disappoint as we dove at Boiler, where we had an amazing dolphin dive with over 20 dolphins in total swimming all over the place, some of them closer to the surface getting their food, others getting clean at the deep parts on the west point of Boiler and we could even spot a newly baby born full of energy, protected by the pod and obviously by the momma. At this site we could spot more mantas and lots of sharks closer to the 100 feet including silvertips, Galapagos, black tips, hammerheads and a fatty tiger shark.

      We dove our recently discover site, Pariente’s rock, where we could see another tiger shark close to the bottom, some hammerheads here and there and a few mantas gliding on the current, as we stayed drifting we could encounter another huge ball of skipjacks with 5 shy black tips in the middle.
      Great trip at Socorro Island and waiting for our next guests.

      Rodrigo Marroquín, dive instructor.
      SOLMAR V.



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