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      May 30th – June 7th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

      May 30th – June 7th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

      Day 1 at San Benedicto Island and we made the check out dive at ‘El Fondeadero’. A great site to get comfortable with new camera equipment and what better models than Hawksbill turtles, sleeping white tip sharks and a whale shark!
      We stayed anchored in the protection of the bay overnight so the next morning we could start diving ‘El Cañon’. Dolphins gave us a quick show on the first dive and we spotted big Galapagos, Silver tip and hammerhead sharks throughout the day.

      With the forecast of good weather conditions we made our way over to Roca Partida for the next couple of days. The current was weak and the visibility was great so we could really take our time to admire the silvertips passing by in the blue. Some big tuna were keeping close to the rock but the highlight was difficult to choose between the juvenile whale shark at the end of the first day or the school of hammerheads we drifted in to when the current picked up on the last dive of the second day.

      Day 5 and we were diving ‘Cabo Pearce’ at Socorro Island. More playful dolphins, hunting silkies, a huge tiger shark and 3 dancing mantas giving an incredible show for almost the entire dive.

      The final diving day is always a sad one but we saved the best for last, back to San Benedicto and this time ‘El Boiler’. We made an early start to try and see some dolphins and were greatly rewarded. The day consisted of dolphins, mantas, dolphins, mantas and even more dolphins!

      An amazing end to another wonderful trip on the Solmar V

      Jake Gibson MSDT #236597



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