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      August 21th – 25th, 2018 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

      August 21th – 25th, 2018 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

      Good afternoon,

      We had a smooth, fast crossing to take us to Guadalupe Island for an early start on our first day. By the time we had the cages mounted and all the equipment set up there were already two juvenile male sharks of around 9ft circling the boat. As the day progressed they were joined by a couple more lively males that were making the wranglers work hard to keep the bait. That same afternoon we had our first sighting of Tzitzimitl, a female of about 15ft passing a little deeper around the submersible cage, who then stayed with us for the three days of activity.

      The second morning started with an amazing sunrise that was a sign of how the day was to continue. Again, up to three young male Great Whites ranging between 8-11ft were breaching the surface taking the bait from the wranglers. A lone baby Fur Seal was spotted swimming on the surface in the direction of the Solmar V, running the gauntlet between the circling sharks, he made it to the protection of the cages. After resting for a few minutes in the relative safety between the cages he headed off safely to make his way back to shore.

      On the final morning the wind and current had picked up a little and changed direction causing a small chop on the surface, this however had no effect on the activity of the sharks who were making close passes right in front of the cages from the moment we began the wrangling. Great photo opportunities both inside and outside the cages with “Crazy Luis” keeping the sharks constantly having to work for the bait.

      It was a great trip and wonderful to see some return guests and many new faces from the Great White Adventures group.



      Jake Gibson MSDT #236597



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