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      November 21st – December 1st, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      November 21st – December 1st, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      Dive report Dec 1st, 2018 trip #3

      Just arrived to San Benedicto island under a bright yellow full moon on the horizon. The day went by diving at El Cañón 3 times with mantas under a very mild current from west, water temp 78°F/25.5°C, vis 40’/12m

      A few Hammer heads shown up close by cleaning station that was pretty much occupied by adult Galapagos, white tip reef sharks and 6 juvenile silver tip sharks constantly swimming circles in the same area, several mantas went by and decided to come back to us spending Great time, even thought we heard dolphins they didn’t show up
      A final dive of the day by Pariente’s Rock was mellow with a tiny current from Sooth, lots of reef fish. 4 spectacular dives at El Boiler, yesterday killer whales around, today no dolphins in the area but this great place El Boiler has no current today, wat temp 78°F/25.4°C, vis 60’/18m helped us really enjoy the manta encounter, the morning started with only 3 and ended the day with 9 in the same frame counting 4 black ones and 5 Chevron, of course we had hammer head sharks, white tips, Cabo Pearce in Socorro island during the morning was a peaceful place with several hammerheads, mild currents for the morning dives, silky sharks accompanying us during a bit of drift dive, for afternoon dives the current picked up making the cleaning station interesting with 3 mantas and hammer heads, reef fish every where Roca O’Neal nov 25th very nice wall dive and one way in and out cave with white tip reef sharks, lobsters over head and stingrays, off the wall about 20 hammer heads swimming slowly in very shallow water, vis from 30 to 80 ft/9 to 24 m, a bit of surge in the shallow area combined with current picking up so we drifted in shallow water in the company of 3 extremely friendly mantas, for the afternoon dives we traveled to Punta Tosca, only 30 minutes away from Roca O’Neal, current was flowing like a river so two dives happened inside of the bay, very nice place with lots of hard coral, Galapagos sharks, white tips sharks, sting rays turtles, rock formation under water is unique here, for the forth dive it felt a bit chilly water temp 77°F/25°C, vis about 40’/12m.


      Beautiful weather at Roca Partida, wind barely blowing, air temp 85°F/29.4°C, nice sunny day, current mostly from N, NW, vis average 70’/20m, water temp 77°F/25°C

      For two days we enjoyed the company of chevron and black mantas, so graceful and friendly, they swim slowly, and yellow fin tunas about 150 lb/70 kg was very hungry, non stop chasing fish, silky sharks always swimming along when safety stop, in group of 24 the hammer head sharks slowly swimming circles at 130’/40 m, no chasing allowed them to swim by us closer.

      Our final day of diving happened in San Benedicto isl. El Boiler was the dive site, partly clouded, air temp 85°F/29.4°C, the diving happened in a very mild current from South, not a drastic change in water temp but it felt a bit chilly in the morning, about 5-6’/1.5-1.8 m swells filling in made vis short, lots of fish in the south point, the absence of mantas for a little while got us motivated to find lots of small creatures in the rock, in the end manta showed up briefly and hammer head as well in very shallow water.



      Daniel Zapata

      Solmar V

      Cabo San Lucas to San Benedicto isl 24 hrs
      San Benedicto to Socorro isl 5 hrs
      Socorro to Roca Partida 9 hrs
      Roca Partida to San Benedicto 9 hrs


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