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      December 12th – December 20th, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      December 12th – December 20th, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      Sharks, dolphins, mantas…

      Dive Report Socorro Islands Trip Number 5 (December 12th – December 20th)

      We left Cabo San Lucas behind us accompanied by breaching humpbacks and dolphins. After an easy crossing we arrived at San Benedicto island and did our check out dive in ‘Las Cuevas’. Here we had a huge turtle circling us, plenty of white tip sharks and lobsters in the caves.

      Next day we dived ‘El Cañon’. Starting with dolphins the minute we did our descent. Every dive we saw a school of silvertip sharks at the buoy, some hammerhead sharks we found in the blue and some close encounters with several big Galapagos sharks. A black manta showed up multiple times. Under the boat we did safety stops with big schools of jacks and silky sharks.

      We left to our next destination Roca Partida where we stayed for 2 days, like usual, Roca provided some excellent dives. First day we encountered huge schools of big eye-, amber- and cottonmouth jacks that had the company of several silvertip- and Galapagos sharks. A big bait ball of skip jacks surrounded by silky sharks. Very close encounters with big yellow fin tunas and two mantas. Out in the blue several hammerhead sharks.

      Next day was just as good, we entered the water and started hearing false killer whales. Schools of jacks still around the rock. The bait ball we encountered yesterday, we saw again during one dive, got even bigger and attracted more silky sharks and silvertips. 3 mantas circled the rock for the whole day. Several big tunas around, coming up close again and we even saw one charging a small silky shark. At the end left the rock into the blue water hoping to encounter the whales, saw several hammerheads again and we hit the jackpot. Finished the dive surrounded by false killer whales. Hopped on the zodiac and snorkeled with them for half an hour. Roca delivered, time to see what Socorro island had to offer. On the zodiac heading to our entry place at Cabo Pearce we had a school of dolphins that came to greet us. Once in the water they stayed around us and came back for our second dive. 3 Mantas came during every dive and stayed with us as well. In between dives guest snorkeled with dolphins around the Solmar V. 3 excellent dives and we left for our final dive day at San Benedicto where we plan 4 dives at ‘El Boiler’. Our day was filled with dolphins and mantas. Beautiful encounters fulfilling needs of every diver that enjoys seeing pelagic animals. Big smiles, beautiful pictures and videos.

      Happy days!


      Mathias Van Asch Scuba Instructor
      Solmar V


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