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      February 6th – February 14th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      February 6th – February 14th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      Socorro Season –  Sharks, sharks, sharks


      Spot #1 El Cañon

      Silver tip shark and Galapagos shark where everywhere on every dive, circling around divers (very elegant and curious animals), hammerhead sharks swimming out in the blue and at the end of every dive we had silky sharks swimming under the boat while doing our safety stop. Currents were a little strong but this is what bring us the fun dives.

      Spot #2 Roca Partida

      Humpback whales are back!!!! We didn’t had the chance to dive with them but you could see them breaching out of the water close to the rock. Fish and tunas everywhere!! They got so close that you could almost touch them… Galapagos shark sightings on the North area of the rock followed by Silver tips and hammer heads on around 70 m. Away from the rock.

      Spot #3 Cabo Pierce

      Good dives at Cabo pierce… lots of fish and no strong currents, dolphins came to say hi but didn’t stay whit us this time, sightings of hammer heads and silky sharks on the safety stop make that moment special.

      Spot #4 Boiler (two dives)

      Three incredible dives whit dolphins at El Boiler, the kept playing with divers for around 40 minutes, three dives in a row, current was a little strong on our second day but that didn’t stop the fun with the giant mantas and some dolphins that kept coming back to play with us.

      Great dive at El Boiler, manta action everywhere to be seen during every single dive. Dolphins show up in the middle of the manta action during early dive and stay with the group for a while interact with clients. Tiger shark sight on the west side along with some Galapagos shark and black tip shark, and big school of hammer heads swimming close by. Great day…




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