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      February 16th – February 26th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      February 16th – February 26th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      This trip started with great diving at “Cañon” due to the bad weather but anyhow the rush of adrenaline pump it up with thrilling sharks all over the place, among them, juvenile silver tips, huge Galapagos sharks at the cleaning station, big schools of hammerheads, a big tiger shark coming from the deep zone and the familiar white tip reef sharks. The mantas made their appearance at almost all the dives around Revillagigedo, but specially at “Boiler”, where we had more than 7 different mantas between the two days of diving at this amazing diving spot. Early in the morning we could interact with over 20 different dolphins coming and going from one side of the pinnacle to the other, so the divers had to split their attention between mantas and dolphins, always a difficult decision!

      The journey continued at Socorro Island where we dived at Cabo Pearce, with almost nonexistence presence of mantas, no current but a few dolphins getting closer to the divers made the day. Anyhow we could have relaxed diving searching but some nice hammerheads at the edges of the rock, some octopuses at the shallows, flounders and all different kind of tropical fishes.

      At Roca Partida we had the best dives this time (as usual) spotting over 30 hammerheads schooling at the south point mixed with Galapagos sharks and silver tips, and we cannot forget the great number of white tip sharks swimming into the current closer to the islet. A great surprise happened when we were hovering at the north point with a friendly manta when we heard the dolphins, and out of the blue we were among 30 dolphins dropping and ascending at the edge of the rock.

      This trip was the closure of half of the Socorro season, just hopping for more amazing trips and greater pelagic interaction.

      Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.
      SOLMAR V.




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