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      April 12th – April 20th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      April 12th – April 20th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

      Dolphins at the rock

      The great diving at the National Park Of Revillagigedo started this trip at the hot spot of El Cañon which lately has on the season has delivered amazing encounters with Galapagos sharks, silver tips and hammerheads at the cleaning station in the northeast point. A quick glance of 10 dolphins swimming close to the divers was enough as appetizer to have great immersions along the day including 4 different mantas gliding close to the surface. Out in the blue we could spot a big group of 30+ hammerheads coming and going 3 times along the dive and we cannot overlook the increasing number of black tip sharks getting closer to the divers as the day continued.

      The Boiler this time did not have the classical amount of mantas as it normally does but we could interact for over 50 minutes in one dive with 3 extremely friendly mantas, among them one chevron couldn´t get enough bubbles as she passed over the divers on and on getting their daily bubble shower. A few hammerheads came from the deep areas getting closer to us so the photographers on board could get their best shots.

      At Cabo Pearce we had the best visibility so far with more than 25 meters of crystal clear water, no current and tons of different kind of fishes along the spectacular ridges of this spot. At the drop off on the south we could see big hammerheads coming closer to the rock while we were approaching to them and once we drifted along the rock formation we saw a big school of big eye jacks mixed with rainbow runners. No dolphins here again but the best was about to come.

      Roca Partida was on a great mood this time and we could have the best dives of the trip there, beginning with more than 20 Galapagos sharks swimming close to the surface due the decrease on the water temperature that reached 21 C / 69 F which made that the sharks came shallower this time. More sharks at the ledges at the east point with over 40+ white tip reef sharks sleeping and sharing their little caves there. But the best happened at the third dive when we could have an amazing dive with more than 20 dolphins swimming close to the rock and falling into the deep zones like leaves on the wind, not only assuming their well known vertical position but swirling and spinning around the divers, this has to be the best moment of the trip cause it lasted the whole dive!

      Can’t wait to come back to this magical dive spot!

      Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.
      Solmar V.

      Weather conditions 4

      Wind – 3
      Clouds – 3
      Current – 3
      Visibility – 20 m / 60 ft average
      Temperature Average – 23 C / 74 F
      Crossing – 26 hours


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