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September 18th – September 22nd, 2019 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

September 18th – September 22nd, 2019 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

Wonderful trip to Guadalupe! We had great interactions with the great white sharks. During the three days the action was non stop!! Once with the bait hit the water the first shark came to check us out!! The great whites were all around the cages! The wranglers were taking care of the bait and the sneaky sharks were coming from the depth to attack by surprise.

We watched 3 to 4 great whites together at all the times, but we had more than 15 different sharks during the entire trip. The females were huge 4m /12ft with massive fat bodied. One of them seemed like 5m / 15ft with a darker-gray color. We also had a couple of juveniles of 3m/9m that were very curious with the submersible cage and one of them actually breached 3 times, with his full body out of the water.

If this wasn’t enough, also a couple of curious dolphins passed close to the cages in between of the great whites and we can say that we had a great time!! And so did we!!!

See you soon!

Ignacio Hernan Leyro
Scuba instructor
Solmar V

Weather conditions 3
Wind 4
Clouds 1
Current 3
Visibility 80 ft /24 m
Water temperature 70 f/ 21 c
Crossing 20 hrs


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