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April 12th – April 20th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

April 12th – April 20th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Our first dive day began in San Benedicto Island at “El Cañon” and “Pariente’s Rock”. We were joined by a couple of mantas, Galapagos sharks and silkies. The final dive of the day brought us a huge Tiger Shark that had been hunting followed by more Galapagos.
The next morning we awoke to a spectacular sunrise at Roca Partida planning to spend two dive days at this island. With strong current and heavy surge we started the dive surrounded by schools of cottonmouth and big eye Jacks with a 300lb Tuna darting about. The action continued throughout the whole dive with silkies and Galapagos joining the hunt. As we surfaced from the first dive the panga captains greeted us with “Bait Ball! Let’s go!” Hundreds of Silkies we’re working together to maintain the bait ball for more than an hour. Silver tips,Galapagos and even huge Tuna got involved in the action to make it one of the most memorable experiences.
The rest of the dives and following day in Roca Partida were followed with great visibility, hammerhead sightings, more silver tips, silkies and schools of Tuna.
Day 4 and it was time to dive Socorro Island and the site of “Cabo Pearce”. The first dive brought us a couple of dolphins that passed by but they were not in the playing mood that morning. We only found one Chevron Manta during the day. Due to the North wind that had been blowing for the last 3 days we believe this caused plankton up-wellings in other bays around the islands offering a feast for the mantas.
On our final day we had moved back to San Benedicto and started in “El Boiler”. A friendly pod of dolphins and mantas made the first dive incredible. We encountered a huge pod of False Killer Whales on the panga ride back to Solmar V. With the wind picking up after the second dive we moved back to “Pariente’s Rock” for our final two dives. We were greeted with tiger shark sightings, silver tips, a couple of mantas and small schools of hammerheads.
Another fantastic trip to Revillagigedo Islands aboard the Solmar V.
Jake Gibson
PADI MSDT Instructor


Comments (7)

  1. Lauren Reply

    Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday! What has the average air temp been? We were researching and it looks like Socorro was in the upper 60’s which is cooler than I imagined. Thank you!

    1. Solmar V Reply

      Hello Lauren!! 75 F / 24 C

  2. Tom Yoham Reply

    Can you please let us know when the video trip report will be available. I thought it only took 5 days or so after the trips completion before it gets posted on You Tube. Have not been able to find i as of yet. Please advise. Thanks so much…

    1. Tom Yoham Reply

      Sorry I am asking about the April 12th thru April 20th video trip report. Please let me know when it will be posted to You Tube. Thanks so much.

      1. Solmar V Reply

        We just uploaded it now 🙂

        1. Tom Yoham Reply

          Awesome. Great video. Erick does great work…..

          1. Solmar V

            Yes!! Glad you enjoyed it!

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