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April 21st – April 29th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

April 21st – April 29th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Dive Report ( 21 Apr-29 Apr ) April 29th, 2019 , Cabo San Lucas

Hi everyone!! Las Cuevas was a very pleasant first contact with the area to do our check dive .We found the white tips sharks into the caves and a few lobsters.The real action begun the day after at El Cañon in San Benedicto Island .We found Chevron Mantas , big Galapagos sharks , silvertips sharks , hammerheads and during the day we had a lot of fun playing with the bottle-nose Dolphins .They were chasing the Jacks at the shallow zone within the called submarine rock ,at the distance 3 Chevron Mantas were swimming around until they disappear in the blue. There were dolphins everywhere and the sharks were swimming all around us. A tiger shark of 3 to 4 meters was moving at west and a bunch of hammerheads were around. 

Next morning we repeated El Cañon and the action was still the same!! In the afternoon we dove at the Boiler to have a Manta experience, 4 chevron Mantas playing around us at west, swimming up and down, enjoying the divers bubbles in their bellies! 

We then headed to Roca Partida and it was incredibly amazing to watch all those sharks: Galapagos sharks, big Silvertips sharks, silky sharks chasing the schools of bonitos and massive yellowfin tunas were passing by. The action was so good that we decided to stay for one more day at Roca and we weren't disappointed at all! More and more sharks within the rock and on the west a Chevron Manta was moving to the south, and at south we saw a beautiful school of cotton mouth jacks and a couple of hammerheads came to check us out! Also, at the southeast, we had school of bonitas and jacks and bellow the silky sharks, and at the distance more hammerheads. 

For the last dive we check the northern corner of the rock to find a bunch of Galapagos sharks, silvertips and big tunas.

The last day we try the Boiler to have another great Manta action at west, Black Mantas and chevron Mantas all around us, 4 to 6 Mantas all around. This place is unique in the world!! In the afternoon El Pariente's Rock gave us the chance to keep up with 2 to 3 Mantas during the entire dive! Black Mantas, Chevron Mantas within the reef, and a the edge of the reef we saw a big tiger shark of at least 3 meters, 1 Galapagos shark passed very close and the hammerheads were in small bunches in the blue!

Another great experience at the Revillagigedo Archpielago with our vessel, the legendary Solmar V!

See you soon!
                                                                                                      Ignacio Hernan Leyro
                                                                                                      Scuba Instructor- Solmar V

Weather conditions: 4
Wind: 1
Clouds : 2
current : 2
visiblity : 80 ft / 24 m
temperature Average : 77 °F / 23 °C
Crossing : 22 hs


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