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April 2nd – April 10th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

April 2nd – April 10th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Socorro Islands, Trip 15

Hi All!

Solmar V Heading Straight South under a beautiful sun set to find the gorgeous Socorro Islands Day First!

Upon arrival to the North East side of San Benedicto a Humpback Whale breaching is welcoming us, its calf practicing spy hoping near the Solmar V!

Almost a twilight check out dive at Las Cuevas, San Benedicto Island, brought to us the opportunity to see lots of green turtles, so easy swimming around the dive site due to no current at all, every thing so quiet, the only noise down here is the cracking sound of hard coral in the area, even fish not moving much, Lobsters, Green Moray Eels, Sting Rays, White tip Reef Sharks, this dive site has it all for a friendly check out dive, water temp 75℉/23.8℃, Vis 30’ to 45’/10m to 15m

Day Two!

So exited about diving El boiler! San Benedicto Island. Just descending into deep water the vis was just fabulous! At our first glance white tip reef sharks, lots of Big Eye Jacks as much as Cotton Mouth Jacks enjoying of a mild current from North, suddenly 10 Dolphins showed up with constant chirping, 25 minutes dolphins time. Of course the Manta dream happened here, 3 Mantas, 4 mantas for the whole day every dive! Things can change, rather than we aiming bubbles to belly of these gorgeous creatures Mantas actually placing themselves above the stream of bubbles! 3 group of divers eye witnessing that! Friendly dolphins and friendly Mantas at the same time… we are so lucky!!!! Water temp 72℉/22,2℃, shallow water even 76℉/24.4℃

Day Three!

Roca Partida such an amazing place, vis always the best 100’/30m, its a place that brings to our head right away schooling Hammer Heads which we got to see, nice place to admire white tip sharks but today the number of them went out of control! The current from North West made Black Jacks, Big Eye Jacks South East area right were we can access because the current Hammer Heads enjoying it, any way a bit deeper to go due to our nitrox mix.

Day Four!

Socorro Island, Cabo Pearce dive site offered shelter for a windy day blowing 10 knots, morning air temp 78℉/25.5℃. Under water such a great drives, Galapagos sharks, whites tips laying on the sandy bottom, very peaceful Black Manta letting us swim under neath blowing bubbles, nicely disturbing us the chirping of 10 dolphins made appearance at 80ft/24 m depth, swimming along with them for a number of minutes, while safety stop they showed up again making go deep again to enjoy the slow swim along side with them, so nice to see interaction among them! To our surprise a Hump Back Whale swam right by our area but being so busy with dolphins we missed it! Thermocline at 40’/12 made all type of fish go crazy!

Day Five!

A short crossing of 6 hrs made us go back to San Benedicto Island. Excited already about diving El Cañon a Hump Back Whale broke the surface of there water just 30’/10m away from our boat Solmar V increasing the lets go diving now!! The 7:00 am diving was just like a dream, our average depth 70’/21m for the whole day of diving, vis 60’/20m and water temp 73℉/22.7℃. Nice and very protected area, no wind, toasty with 82℉/27.7 ℃ air temp, no swells, mild current from East, the descend begins with the chirping of Dolphins, as we continue a Chevron Manta places itself above enjoying the Nitrox bubbles hitting the belly area, Dolphins finally made appearance and continue with us for 25 minutes adopting so many poses in front of us, today…. our shark day! Galapagos, Silver tip, White tip, silky sharks all of them in just one small area! not disappointed at all by Hammer Heads these sharks swam almost over our heads as a group of 20 to 25

Day Six!

We are still in San Benedicto Island and about to dive El Boiler, the Sunrise behind the Island is just gorgeous! Partially clouded sky, fascinating under water world! Water temp 73℉/22.7℃ Vis average 60’/18m. Today our Manta day! Four dives! Every dive we were accompanied by graceful mantas, Chevron and Black ones, to our surprise hoping an looking into blue water a slow swimmer tiger shark showed up and swam off slowly vanishing into the water.

Traveling Distances:

Port of Departure Cabo San Lucas to San Benedicto Island 25 Hrs

San Benedicto to Roca Partida 9 Hrs

Roca Partida to Socorro Island 9 Hrs

Socorro Island to San Benedicto Island 6 Hrs

San Benedicto to Cabo San Lucas 26.5 Hrs

Dive Inst Daniel Zapata Solmar V.


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