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August 11th – 15th, 2018 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

August 11th – 15th, 2018 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

Hi All!

August 15th, 2018

It took us 18 hours to get to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

The north east side, no wind blowing, no swells, making the cage diving amazing, visibility average 60’/18m water temp 71°F/22°C

The barking of new born seals are welcoming is as we arrive in the area. Not too long after putting cages in the water the first male white sharks shows up launching its body completely out of water! The day was busy both surface and submersible cages, the 25’/8m deep cage was during 3 days of diving very interesting seeing behavior of up to 4 white sharks together making circles around us, the launching body out of water continued several times during surface cages activity, as early in the season as it is today a female white showed up interacting with males. Weather was cloudy for two days even raining, the surface of water In this area was like glass making the cage diving so easy to every one12 to 15 different white sharks in 3 days of cage diving.

The parallel swim display of who’s the dominant male happened several times at depth, mean while on the surface the swimming so slow along the cages was happening for other sharks, enough time to make eye contact with them, close enough to see those serrated sharp teeth, even to identify who’s a girl and boy!
Great shots were taken to enter to our Solmar V photography contest.

The foggy mornings were the early start since sharks showed up in front of surface cages as early as 6:30 am
At end of our last day of cage diving sharks didn’t want to leave, from our sun deck the view is great and being the surface of water still like glass of smooth the sharks were breaking the surface with dorsal and tail leaving for and instant the trail of an s shape!

The return to Ensenada Mexico has been smooth for a total of 19:45 hrs having a visibility up to 12 miles ahead of us!

Dive inst
Daniel Zapata
Solmar V.


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