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August 15 – 19, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

August 15 – 19, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

Hi All!
Every trip of Great WHITE Shark is exiting, but adding kids makes it even more, the fist day visibility wasn’t cooperating very well but sharks were there, it took a bit longer to spot the first one, they always arrive! Amazingly the following morning visibility changed to a great one, 60’/18m with it more sharks, as early as 6:45 am they took the first bait, from there it was a constant action! A male Cut Caudal shark showed up sneaky, fast, other juveniles in the area had to go, the display of dominance started as soon as male Crazy Luis shark showed up, water temp 72℉/22℃, no wind at all in the area.
    Time later Male called Bruce aka Zapata showed up in the area spending most of the time surface swim right by the cages, slow swimmer, a display of power, meanwhile 3 dolphins swam by near surface cages, not leaving behind two turtles of course, another male joined the celebration GARMIN that among with crazy Luis were launching the body in horizontal position to get the bait, then a Panga Ride time! Visiting those corners and beaches to take great pics of Elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seal and the California sea lion, in our third day by 8:00 am we already had seen 3 different sharks, a juvenile showed up to be the 4th shark not taking a break chasing one and other bait without taking a break, even sticking full head out of water open mouth several times in the attempt  of getting the bait. Submersible cage was another perspective to see those non stop sharks swimming so mellow around this cage even sort of hiding behind cages to launch a sneaky attack straight up for that yummy bait!!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V
Traveling time south to Guadalupe Island: 180 NM, 19Hrs
Traveling time North to Ensenada, Mexico: 180 NM,  21Hrs


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