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August 31st – September 4th, 2019 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

August 31st – September 4th, 2019 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

Hi All!!

Another Great trip at Guadalupe, sanctuary of the Great White Shark!! We had an enthusiastic group of divers and shark lovers waiting to have their first encounter with the Great White Sharks and once with the bait in the water, the first Great whites came to check us out!!

We set the cages in the water and the action was non stop T he great whites were patrolling around the cages at the surface and giving hard time to the experienced wranglers. From the submersible cage which was at 30 ft/ 9m deep, the big whites behavior was quite different. At depth, they were swimming around slowly in a peacefully way and when they were interested for the bait, they swam doing vertical attacks to the surface!

During the 3 days we saw 4 to 8 great whites all together and during the three days we had 15 different sharks or more! The action lasted to the last minute of the trip and then it was time to come back from the blue waters of Guadalupe to Ensenada!

Another fantastic trip!! See you soon!

Ignacio H. Leyro, Scuba Instructor, Solmar V

Weather conditions

4 Wind

1 Clouds

1 Current

1 Visibility 80 ft /24 m

Water Temperature 72F / 23C

Crossing 19 hrs


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