CECO – a Mexican based company dedicated to sustainable dry wear. 

As a company dedicated to our guests’ experience, we at SOLMAR V are beyond excited to work with a company that pairs perfectly with our values and future goals.

All of our guests will receive a CECO poncho to wear while on board the SOLMAR V. Like the robes you get at hotels… only better!

Valchini x SOLMAR V

Valchini – a Mexican company dedicated to sustainability. Valchini creates eco-friendly sunscreens that not only protect your skin from the sun, but nourish and strengthen it.

As part of our collaboration, each SOLMAR V guest will be gifted a Valchini sunscreen upon arrival.

Education and awareness are crucial to positive change. This collaboration will be focused on sharing information about the impacts of conventional sunscreens and the need for sustainable alternatives.