PELAGIC FLEET – Coronavirus Letter

The Pelagic Fleet has always maintained that our guest’s safety as well as that of our crews, is of primary importance. In our world, as we navigate through this pandemic, we are increasing our health and safety protocols in order for our guests and our crew to feel safe on our trips. We are hopeful to resume operations in Guadalupe Island this season.

New protocols:

Trip preparation:

  • We will be requiring that all guests sign the COVID-19 Declaration in addition to the normal waiver.

Before guest arrival: 

  • The entire vessel will be fogged with a hospital grade disinfectant
  • All touch surfaces will be thoroughly wiped down and disinfected
  • All dive equipment will be thoroughly disinfected

Arrival at vessel:

  • Upon arrival at the vessel each guest will have their temperature taken. If anyone has a temperature above 100.4 F or displaying flu-like symptoms they will be denied boarding.
  • The guest luggage and shoes (guests will be asked to remove) will be fogged on the dock before they are moved onto the vessel.
  • Masks and gloves are available to each guest on arrival and throughout the trip

Onboard throughout the trip:

  • Each day every crew member will have their temperature taken and it will be logged
  • Each day every guest will have their temperature taken and it will be logged
  • Crew members will be wearing masks throughout the trip. We have disposable masks available for guests (free) as well as Pelagic Fleet logo’d masks for sale.
  • All touch surfaces such as handrails, door handles etc will be disinfected a minimum of twice daily
  • All common areas and rooms will be disinfected twice a day
  • Throughout the vessel and in each room, we will provide hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, as well as tissues.
  • All garbage cans will be emptied a minimum of twice daily
  • We ask all guests to use drops or provided anti-fog in their masks as there is no common rinse tank anymore
  • Specifically, for our Guadalupe trips, we will be issuing each guest their own second stage that has been thoroughly disinfected. They will keep this second stage for the entire trip, we will simply use the quick disconnect to change appropriate regulators out for the guests going into the cages. If a guest wishes to bring their own mouthpiece we are happy to attach it to their assigned second stage
  • On our Solmar V vessel during our Guadalupe trips we will be having 2 dinner sittings based on cage times, thus enabling us to maintain more distancing between guests. Our Vortex vessel is large enough to not require this.


If during the trip any guest or crew member that has a high temperature or exhibits flu-like symptoms they will be required to contain themselves to their cabin for the remainder of the trip.


We are committed to ensuring everyone stays safe and healthy, but we also want to ensure that everyone has their most memorable trip. After the last few months we are all anxious to get back in the water and get back to work, and we are definitely looking forward to welcoming you aboard soon!


Michael Ann Boyer


Pelagic Fleet