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December 13th – December 22nd, 2017 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

December 13th – December 22nd, 2017 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)


We are almost at the end of the year, and the Somar V Liveaboard keeps on with

the surprises at Revillagigedo, this time as usual, we departed on our 5th trip with

great weather and high expectations for a ten days trip.

The journey began with our check out dive at “Fondeadero” on San Benedicto

Island, as we arrived quite late to the island we had a dusk dive with lots of jacks

gliding on the current, two silky sharks swimming on the shallows and as the dive

continue the visibility got dark so the astonishing colors of the fishes glittered on

the reef giving a sense of sparks and shiny stripes all over.

On the second day we unloaded the boats early in the morning and prepared the

gears to get in the water, this time the chosen site was “Cañon”. Here we got to see

some hammerheads on the outskirts of the platform, lots of white tip reef sharks

swimming here and there and due we had no current we could dive the whole site

looking for the small stuff like moray eels, tiger snake eels and the big school of

burritos grunts that usually gathers at this site. We dove another great spot called

“3 hermanos” which lately has been a great surprise to us, so one we got there we

could encounter a tiger shark ambushing the fishes in the deep crest of the wall,

suddenly the current started to rise and hammerheads showed up in the blue, a

group of 20+ swimming along 3 mantas that started diving among the divers

getting their common bubble bath. As the dive continue we suddenly heard the

squeaks of dolphins and out of the blue 8 dolphins started sinking and swimming

up circling the divers, one of them was a baby dolphin that stick to the mother all

the time. In San Benedicto we got the best diving at Boiler, where as is a tradition

for the people that come here everyone waits for the very first dive due the best

dolphin and manta interaction takes place at this amazing pinnacle, so one we got

in the water big groups of 30+ dolphins started swimming among us al over the

place, then the mantas took the control of the dives and we had 4 amazing dives in

here, with divers blowing bubbles at their bellies, the highlight definitely were 3

huge chevron mantas and a small black one extremely friendly that stayed with us

along the day. We could spot Galapagos sharks in the deep zones next to the

elusive hammerheads and even a couple of black tips swimming with the big

school of jacks that usually could be found on the west side of Boiler.

After San Benedicto we got to Roca Partida, where we were expecting the great

whale sharks but we didn´t get to see any of these, so we focus most of the dives on

the big schools of jacks, the ambushing tunas and the eventually hammerheads

that kept swimming in the deep parts of Roca. We got to see more Galapagos

sharks and silvertips quite deep too. No mantas at Roca this time but anyhow such

a great place full of white tip reef sharks gliding in the current making and

exquisite spectacle.

At Socorro Island we got great diving with dolphins at Cabo Pearce with some

mantas in between too, having what we called the “manticure” at the cleaning

station with the Clarion angelfish. Suddenly when we were waiting to spot more

mantas, a big school of skipjacks shade the site and started moving along the rock

with two silkies patrolling the ball. We dove to more sites here at Socorro, one of

them was Roca O´Neil where we had a great view of 30+ hammerheads and the

other site was Punta Tosca, where we spotted another tiger shark and mantas plus

the great variety of tropical fishes, electric rays and the tiny nudibranches.

This trip has been an amazing experience as usually Socorro is, but every time is

getting better and better so lets wait for the next journey to see what is waiting

underwater for the lucky divers in turn. Until next time!


Rodrigo Marroquín, dive instructor.





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