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December 3rd – December 12th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

December 3rd – December 12th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Socorro Islands · Trip Report

Dive day 1
Location: Las Cuevas (Socorro Islands)
Visibility: poor, 10m/30ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 80F
Easy check dive to get everyone comfortable. We saw lobsters, Eels and white tip sharks.
Silvertip shark in the distance.

Dive day 2
Location: El Boiler
Visibility: ok, 15-20m/ 60-70ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 80F
Had an amazing first dive, saw whaleshark close to us 3 times, had 2mantas playing with our
group and saw dolphins passing by. The rest of the dives we had lots of manta fun and saw
some oceanic blacktip sharks, silky sharks and silvertip sharks.

Dive day 3
Location: El Canon
Visibility: good, 20-30m/ 70-100ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 80F
On our four dives here we encountered every dive schooling hammerheads, Schools from 5 up
to 50+. Next to that, the cleaning station had some big Galapagos and silvertip sharks. Mantas
passing by curious as always and even tiger shark came out of the blue to say hello. Under the
Solmar V we made safety stops in between the schooling jacks and silky sharks. Lovely day
filled with sharks!

Dive day 4
Location: Roca Partida
Visibility: good 20m/ 70ft
Water temperature: 26C/80F
We had lots of schooling jacks on north and south side of the rock, accompanied by many silver
tip sharks and some good sized Galapagos sharks. We had a manta coming through the
schooling jacks which made very cool photo opportunities. Our last dive here we saw 50+
hammerhead sharks in the blue, we had the pleasure of having them around us for 15 minutes.
Next to this we found a lot of yellow-fin tunas. 3 dives they won’t forget!

Dive day 5
Location: Roca O’Neill and Punta Tosca
Visibility: not great, 10-15m/ 30-50ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 80F
Nice easy dive to start with, exploring the caves of Roca O’Neil. Lots of life on the reef, lobsters,
eels etc. on our way back to the boat we had the opportunity to jump in the water with a whale shark for about 20 minutes. Not a bad surface interval! Punta tosca had some nice
surprises for us, 50 minute manta dives, schooling hammerheads and a tiger shark. Thank you

Dive day 6
Location: Cabo Pearce
Visibility: ok 15m- 20m/ 60- 70ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 80F
Every dive we encountered hammerheads, some dives up to 50+ sharks. Mantas joined us
every dive,. We saw a couple false orcas racing by in the blue, unfortunately to busy to play.
Also a big school of bonito swam close to us for about 5minutes. Reef was very alive with
lobsters, nudibranch, lots of jacks, barberfish and many more…

Dive day 7
Location: El Boiler/ El Canon
Visibility: good, 20m 70ft
Water temperature: 26C/ 80F
We did our first dive in the boiler. Rough conditions and low visibility so we switched to El
Canon. We still saw a manta and hammerhead in the blue. El canon was on fire. Schooling
hammerheads every dive. Various mantas coming to cleaning station. And then on our final
dive, we finish with a big whaleshark which was very approachable. Oh yes, and a tiger shark!

What a journey it was!


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