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December 27th 2017 – January 4th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

December 27th 2017 – January 4th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Hola amigos!
First of all happy new year to everybody from the Solmar V/Pelagic Fleet family!
We celebrated the new year doing what we do best: diving with the fantastic sea-life of the Socorro Islands! And the islands did not disappoint, the crossing from Cabo to San Benedicto Island was very smooth with very calm seas and took us 24 hours from the time we left port until the time we jumped in the water for our check out dive at “Las Cuevas” and the conditions couldn’t been better for a check out dive, calm seas, warm water, 25C/77F, very slight current coming from the north and a visibility of about 24m/80ft. Lobsters, electric rays, whip tail stingrays, white tip reef sharks and a chevron manta at the end of the dive kept us entertained.
The first full day of diving we stayed in San Benedicto Island and we dove El Boiler on our first dive and Pariente’s Rock/Dos Hermanas for the last 3 dives of the day, bottled-nose dolphins, mantas, schooling bonitos, a few hammerheads and tiger sharks gave us a great start to our trip.
Then we crossed to Roca Partida, which took us 10 hours, the rock gave us some pretty good action with mantas, schooling jacks and bonitos, silky,white tip, Galapagos, silver tip, hammer heads and even a couple of juvenile oceanic black tip sharks on the 3 dives we did there before we crossed to Socorro Island where we dove “Cabo Pearce” and there we enjoyed of a little dolphin action and mantas looking for our bubbles to tickle their bellies. Our last crossing was back to San Benedicto island where we did our two last days of diving at “El Boiler” and just like on the first dive we did there the dolphin action was amazing! The very first dive we had dolphins for about 30-40 minutes and also hammerheads and mantas!…mind blowing dive site!…the rest of our dives there we had more schooling hammerheads of up to 30 individuals, tiger sharks, Galapagos and lots of manta action specially in the last couple of dives of the trip!
The crossing back to Cabo was perfect, flat seas And if that was not enough we finished the trip with a high note spotting 4 orcas, we put one of the zodiacs down in the water and went out to catch them, they were moving very fast but we were able to jump in the water and look at them… We have video and pictures to prove! Ha! What a way to start the year and finish our trip!!!
During this trip we also had on-board a group of Mexican scientists that were tagging mantas and sharks for their research. Excellent treat that Pelagic Fleet got for us, supporting Mexican scientists and giving us the opportunity not only to watch them work but to be able to talk to them and listen to some very interesting presentations.
And as always, another great trip on the Solmar V!
Jan 2018
Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor


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