As of January 10, 2023, the Mexican government has permanently banned all great white shark activities around the island of Guadalupe. Due to increased shark tourism, the government closed the Marine Park in order to gather information on “best sustainability practices”.

Thank you for your patience in awaiting an update on the closure of the Marine Park of Guadalupe. We have filed legal actions against this closure, including constitutional proceedings before the Supreme Court and are hopeful to resume our Guadalupe trips in the near future.

Guadalupe Island is one of the best Great White shark cage diving destinations in the world.

We invite both certified and non certified divers on this exciting and adrenaline packed experience!

Since you will be breathing from surface supplied air and not a scuba tank, this is the perfect ocean trip for anyone.

Guadalupe Island is located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 165 nautical miles west of Ensenada, Mexico.

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Best Time for Your Guadalupe Adventure

Every year divers from all over the world travel to this tiny island to go cage diving with great white sharks. Guadalupe Island is accessible from August to October when the ocean is calmest. During these months the average surface temperature is 66-70 F (19-22 C).