The Revillagigedo Archipelago

A Dream Dive Destination

Born from volacanoes, Socorro is one of four islands that make up the Revillagigedo Archipelago, They sit in a unique geographical location that attracts some of the most mesmerizing marine life in the world.

From giant manta rays, 10+ shark species, dolphins, to the occasional whale.„ Experience Socorro with us and discover why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dream dive destination for divers around the world.

Diving and Marine Life

The Revillagigedo Islands boasts some of the best pelagic animal encounters in the world. Come diving with us, and you will meet giant manta rays, playful dolphins, tuna, and more than 1 0 species of sharks, We are often paid surprise visits by humpack whales, false killer whales, baitballs, schooling sharks, , , we simply let the magic of Socorro take over and enjoy every moment!

Best Time for Your Socorro Adventure

Our Socorro season runs from November to May every year. The off season is due to bad weather and hurricanes, During the 6 months we run trips, there is never a “bad” time to come!

This is a personal choice, but we have created a chart to show when certain animals are seen more often. If there is a specific animal you would like to encounter, use the chart below to help you decide.

Example Itinerary