SPOC - Self Propelled Ocean Cage

Guadalupe Island

  • Designed by Lawrence Groth for Solmar V, this self propelled cage can hold a pilot in the back, a diver/camera man in the front, and has a cruising speed of 5 knots.
  • It has been used in several TV productions for research purposes, and helping local scientists. We were able to move the SPOC from a research only permit into a commercial permit that allows us to take our guests on a unique and once-in-a-lifetime Great White experience.
  • Its speed of 5 knots allows you to keep up with the pace of a great white, which would be impossible when swimming or diving.
  • Ideal for filming smooth shots from every single angle of the shark.

Coms and Safety

  • Both the pilot and the diver wear full face masks keeping communication between themselves and also with the boat.
  • The SPOC’s buoyancy is slightly positive, so in case of propulsion malfunction the cage remains on the surface waiting for pickup.


  • The SPOC can be chartered privately for a full trip, or hourly without previous reservation. However, prepaid reservations will guarantee guests this experience of a lifetime!
  • Limited to 3 immersions per day.