Once our guests arrive on the boat, they will be assigned their room and dive station. They will then remove their dive gear from their dive bags and put them in their assigned dive station. They will also unpack their dry clothes and toiletries in their rooms. Both their dive bag and luggage will be stored in our dry storage area throughout the remainder of the trip.

The boat will arrive at the first dive site around 4:00 PM on the next day, and our guests will have the opportunity to do the check-in dive on  the first day at the Socorro Islands. Every day after that we schedule 4 dives per day. But as weather or other unforeseen events can happen the total dive count cannot precisely be given prior to the trip.

After the last full day of diving at the Socorro Islands and after the last dive of the day we start our return to harbor. The boat returns to harbor the night before disembarkation and our guests will spend their last night on the boat in harbor. After breakfast on the last date of the trip, our guests will disembark the boat by no later than 08:15 AM