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January 15th – January 23th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

January 15th – January 23th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Dive Report
Jan 22nd 2019

Hi All!!

We find ourselves again diving the amazing Revillagigedo Islands

Our day one
Check out dive at El Fondeadero, mild current from north easy to handle, water temp 75℉/23.8℃, vis 30’/9.1m
White tip reef sharks, lobsters, green may eels, jacks, sting rays, electric rays was just the prelude of whats coming!

Our day two
Was spent al El Cañon, as early as 7 am we doing our first dive, dolphins already here, wind blowing from several days made vis diminish, but the corner or cleaning station was fun as always with silver tip sharks, water temp felt chilly even though it was 75℉/23.8℃, current started to pick up from East, easy to deal with, mantas just gliding in the current, graceful as always, letting us blow bubbles in the belly area, at 80’/24m deep Galapagos sharks were coming to close but it felt comfortable, the always fun to see white tip sharks photo bombing the shots for galapagos and silver tip, the search for hammer heads sort of ended into the blue with 10 of them in shallow water 30’/9.1m
A little change in dive site made us go to Dos Hermanos, rollers filling in, the sandy bottom seemed moving back and forth, in our 50 minutes dive we had nice encounter with 5 mantas, mostly they wanted to stay in very shallow water, here and there hammer heads came in to check things out!

Our day three
Roca Partida! We felt like first time explorers in the area! just a rock away from everything, surface condition a bit rough, wind blowing! Water temp 77℉/25℃, vis 80’/25m water current mild from South and Shifting from North, Underwater a fascinating world! Cotton mouth jacks well organized as usual agains the wall, black Jacks chasing constantly, ledges with white tip reef sharks were packed with them, no room for one more! Well separated new born white tip taking different ledges! Galapagos shark, very good size were friendly enough to let us see them in the North and East side of the rock, of course have to mention yellow fin tunas, to my guest work 150L/68Kg weight! What a tuna!! The timing was right to go into the water, Black Jacks hunting with out taking a break work the way to separate Cotton Mouth Jack, they couldn’t finish the kill but a massive yellow fin tuna came in like a rocket showing how the job is done! Exploring a bit of the South end of the rock made us feel lucky by finding the much wanted to be seen Hammer Heads, approaching from the blue robust silver tip sharks came in the area checking things out! So the wind picking up made us departure for Socorro Island!

Day Fourth and Fifth
Diving Cabo Pearce water temp warmer again 77℉/25℃, vis was constantly changing but we can say average 50’/15m, our encounter with mantas was very successful, the ones that don’t leave! The gentle current made possible go from beginning to end of the reef, at times a bit of drifting dive, nor bad at all when finding about 30 schooling Hammer Heads while drifting! Dolphin encounter was a teasing all day, the timing wasn’t right! But we go to snorkel with them, on the other hand we had the opportunity to look closer the reef, Octos, Flounders, Green Moray Eels, White Tip Reef Sharks, Galapagos and Silver Tip Sharks as well.

Day Fifth gave a try to Punta Tosca, nice wall great vis 100’/30m, warmer dive again 77℉/25℃, no current al all, lots of reef fish! So we decided go back to Cabo Pearce! Ended the day there with a great encounter with dolphins, constantly chirping, friendly to the point we got to touch them for several times in the same dive, of course mantas there to swimming circles above wanting also attention with we did, every happy for the dolphin encounter experience we are heading for El Boiler!

The sixth Day!
All day Boiler dive! Every time at least 7 mantas together, the water temp changed to 75℉23.8℃ which we felt it right away, Mantas and friendly dolphins made us forget about water temp, vis was very low 30’/9m until the 60’/18m deep, then it opened up nicely, 12 dolphins together with 8 Mantas What a Dive!!!!! The mild current from South made drifts a few times North in the company of Mantas, finally wind stopped blowing a bit so our dives happen in a very sunny day, toasty!

Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V


Comments (2)

  1. federico martin Reply

    quisiera saber la temperatura del mar del ultimo viaje,voy con vds.el dia 27 de ferero y quisiera saber que traje me llevo si humedo de 5m/m o semi seco de 4m/m o un seco

    1. Solmar V Reply

      Hola Federico!

      Actualmente la temperatura promedio es de: 75 f° / 24 | C°

      Muchos usan 5mm, pero depende de qué tan friolento seas 🙂

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