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January 25th – February 4th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

January 25th – February 4th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Hammerheads all around!


Hello you all!!

Another great adventure on the Solmar V! We saw whitetip sharks during the check dive in Las Cuevas, in San Benedicto Island. The next morning El Cañon was an amazing spot to see silvertip sharks and big Galapagos sharks. The dolphins showed up at the second dive while chasing the jacks and the rest of the day was a sharky day with few hammerheads around and more silvertips. The Boiler was a great spot to play with bottle-nose Dolphins. They been everywhere around us. At least 20 of them around the reef and in the blue!! Amazing! And of course the mantas were there, 1 black manta and 2 Mantas Chevron doing circles around the cleaning stations and divers!


We headed to Roca Partida where we stayed for two days and was fantastic to saw a huge massive yellow fin tuna at north, chasing jacks and moving around, a Manta Chevron was at south and the sharks showed up at the distance, silver tips sharks and the second day we had nice encounter with big Galapagos sharks, closer and closer each time! The tunas were still around and all the northern tip was cover by big schools oh cottonmouth jacks, amber jacks and big eye Jacks. During the safety stop we watched 3 to 5 mobula rays and wahoos and more tunas were passing by. During these two days we watched the humpback Whales from the Solmar V!!! They were breaching and splashing the water with the tail and fins and of course we took the chance to get in the zodiacs and go on a whale watching adventure! We been at a good distance to take good photos and video! The mom was with her calf, and the calf was very close from the rock. She breached many times!! Non stop action!! Everyone onboard loved to watch the whales in Roca Partida!


Our next destination was Roca O’Neil at Socorro Island and during the two dives we were amazed by the beauty of the reef. We went through the arch at the 100ft / 30 m, and into one of the chamber we had a diamond stingray, white tips sharks and lobsters, we went down trough a chimney and once in the shallow the reef was plenty of tropical fish and a solitary hammerheads comes from the blue, and at the another side a bunch of 20 hammerheads comes up to check the divers at the safety stop. After that we dove at Punta Tosca a long reef. In the shallow zone we saw lots of tropical fishes, barberfish, parrotfish, moray eels, lobster and a turtle was in the area. The next morning Cabo Pearce was a great dive with a bunch of 5 to 7 dolphins they were very friendly and and playful with divers and a bunch of 3 dolphins were in the blue; after that was great to find schools of hammerheads 40 to 50 hammerheads together!! We actually got hammerheads on every dive!


The next day we repeated the Boiler and we found the bottle-nose dolphins again, lots of them and more mantas! A big Galapagos shark was within the reef and in the blue a bunch of 10 dolphins came to play with us, while a black manta was circling around and a small tiger shark pass showing all the stripes and disappear in the blue and it was there for a couple of dives. There was also bigger one of at least 3 m/9 ft went to check the snorkelers at the surface. This was a trip for the books with plenty of emotions. Everybody was super happy and with lots of good memories under their belt!

See you next trip!!

Ignacio Hernan Leyro
Scuba Instructor
Solmar V


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