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June 8th – June 16th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

June 8th – June 16th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport


We are reaching the last trip of the Revillagigedo Archipelago’s season and the underwater action couldn’t be better with lots of surprises for our guests on board having outstanding dives at most of the dive sites and the occasional sights of big marine mammals at the surface while we were crossing from island to island.

The first stop was “El Cañon” where we had a limited visibility of 15 m / 45 ft with thick layers of sediment at shallow water but this wasn’t an obstacle to see lots of different sharks at the cleaning station at the north with huge hammerheads reaching close to the divers, bulky black tips coming from deep water, silver tips, Galapagos and white tip reef sharks circling around the rocks. We spotted 3 different mantas at the shallows quite friendly having their usual bubble showers and 7 dolphins giving a quick glance to us while they were hunting and chasing the jacks.

On our surface interval we saw some birds flying over the surface and we took the pangas and drove over to see what was going on, and a big surprise was waiting for us when we spotted false killer whales feeding tunas mixed with dolphins and silky sharks into a bait ball, so we spent one hour snorkeling with them.

At Cabo Pearce in Socorro Island we had the best dolphin encounter with 2 extremely friendly ones that kept coming closer and closer to the divers enjoying their company all this happening with one manta getting cleaned by the endemic Clarion angelfishes, behavior that we love to see due the contrast of colour between their shiny orange and the deep black of the mantas.

Been in Roca Partida is always a delight specially when you have tons of fishes all over the place, big tunas hunting on the shallows, Galapagos and silver tips sharks at the depths, shiny hammerheads reaching close to the rock and silky sharks swimming close to the divers.

The last stop was “El Boiler” in San Benedicto Island where we spent 4 amazing dives with 8 different mantas coming and going all over the place having their “usual” interaction with the divers meanwhile we could spend some time with 2 dolphins moms with their 2 baby calves reaching the surface and heading down towards us on a clear sign of mutual understanding and no fear, which probes how social and smart animals they are. Here we could see more dolphins along the day but the main dish definitely were the mantas, hovering and looping over the divers as they were getting close to us.

When we were leaving the islands, we had to close on a high note as we normally do at Solmar V and this time wasn’t the exception when we spotted a big pod of 50+ pilot whales just chilling at the surface quite relax, the captain headed towards them so we could take a great view of them from the boat for over 1 hour! This is just one of the reasons why this place is so magical and diverse. Top world diving! Until next season…

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.
Solmar V.

Weather conditions 4

Wind – 3
Clouds – 2
Current – 3 to 4
Visibility – 15 m / 45 ft to 30 m / 60 ft
Temperature Average – 75° F
Crossing – 24 hours


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    Gleeglocker, as told by Brad Couch.

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