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June 9th – June 17th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

June 9th – June 17th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Trip report from June 9th to the 17th

Hello people,

Due to the storms in the Pacific, this trip was an expedition to the Gulf of California. The first stop was in Cabo Pulmo National Park; where we stayed for two days. We had two activities, scuba dive in the reef and a safari for pelagic life. In “El Bajo” dive site big schools of snappers, groupers and Almaco jacks. The shipwreck “El Vencedor” with plenty of fish and five or six bull sharks! The safari expedition had a great encounter with Orcas! They were following a school of Mobula rays for feeding.

The people had a great encounter snorkeling with the Orcas and they watched how they hunt the Mobulas. The second stop was “El Bajo” near to Espiritu Santo Island in La Paz. The dive here was great, a bit more demanding because of the strong current, low visibility in shallow water and thermocline. Bellow the thermocline the water was cold but crystal clear. The reef was full of life, big schools of fish everywhere and playful sea lion swimming next to the divers!

On the last day of the trip we dove “La Reina” in Jacques Cousteau Island aka Cerralvo Island. The dive was great. Shallow, warm water and good visibility, with plenty of fish in the reef and a family of sea lions swimming around. The last dive of the day was in “Roca Swany” south of Espiritu Santo Island. This is shallow dive site and a good place to look for nudibranchs, seahorses, octopuses, garden eels and Mobula rays. Because of the weather conditions, we had to finish our trip early and disembark our guest in the Port of La Paz. As always on Solmar V, safety comes first.

See you next time!

DM Solmar V

Weather conditions (0 to 5 “max”)
Wind 1
Clouds 1
Water conditions
Current 3 (0 none to 5 strong)
Visibility 3 (0 poor to 5 excellent)
Temperature average 73F/23C


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