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March 10th – March 18th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

March 10th – March 18th, 2018 #TripReport (Socorro Islands)

Revillagigedo Islands

Hi All!

Always nice to do a checkout dive in great conditions to begin such a nice trip, Sting rays, white tips reef sharks, turtles, green moray eels, lobsters, etc.

It is 7 am, Dolphins already jumping high up above the surface, as soon as we leave the surface the chirping begins unstoppable, Mantas and Dolphins together, Just waiting and enjoying the cleaning station at el Cañon in a cero current made appearance of about 20 juvenile hammerheads swimming along the edge of dive area, we can hear the dolphins!, Mean while a black manta swims over our heads repeatedly, so slow swimmer, giving the opportunity to every one of us to enjoy our dive even more! Pariente’s Rock had and amazing blue water hoping to find more Hammer Heads, we did a long flying in the current, well it made us go back to El Cañon, once again this cleaning station was busy with lots of Big Eyes Jacks swimming over the rock and about 12 Adult Hammer Heads swarm over our heads.

Roca Partida for one day was good with lots of fish, not so many Galapagos and Hammer Heads, but White Tip Reef Shark abundant in the area, water temp treated us good with 78℉/ 25.5℃, great Vis 80ft/24m, it was time to travel to Socorro Island. A bit of current along the reef made us go drifting heading East, very comfortable Cabo Pearce, El Boiler with its amazing underwater life made us come back to it! Tow Hump Back Whales near by got us exited, by the time we got in only dolphins were left, a bit colder water this time 73℉/22.7℃ and easy to deal with current from west side, really worth it every dive we did, the mantas always amazing, so graceful swimmers, dolphins made appearance hunting and hunting, mother dolphin teaching its baby to find food! Deeper water slowly swimming in a half circle hammerheads, taking time to go and come back to us, so lucky to see tiger shark in two dives, close enough to see the strips! We ended the day in the middle of a school of jacks in shallow water, a Manta still there waiting until we got out the area to enjoy our bubbles.


Dive Inst Daniel Zapata, Solmar V

Average Vis 60ft/18m

Average wat temp 75℉/23.9℃

Warmest 78℉/25.6℃

Coldest 72℉/22.2℃

Current 2 from 1 to 5


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