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March 19 – March 30, 2017 #TripReport

Diver and Giant Manta

March 19 – March 30, 2017 #TripReport

The Tiger & Manta Avenue

Hi everybody!!

We’ve had a relaxing check out dive at El Fondeadero in San Benedicto Island, with lots of tropical fish, bluefin trevally jacks, white tip sharks, and a black manta.

The Canyon was great for the next two days. Fabulous conditions, water temp72f/23C, average visibility of 50 ft / 15m and a challenging current which brought an explosion of life: mantas right over our heads, hammerheads, white tip sharks, silvertips and a tiger shark!

Cabo Pearce and Punta Tosca dive sites in Socorro Island offered a lot of fun with super friendly mantas, hammerheads here and there, galapagos sharks, and more. In both places the dolphins were very playful and curious to the point that let us pet them for long minutes. The dive was absolutely amazing and out of this world!! A massive tiger shark about 4 m/12 ft came straight to the wall and got the vertical position and we could appreciate the big volume of its body! Big fat guy!! A very playful bottle-nose dolphin jumped out of the water in front of us and went down to play with the divers. The fascinating behavior of the 2 chevron mantas we saw continued during the next day.

Amazing Roca O’Neill offered a wonderful wall dive, an arch to pass trough at 100ft / 30m depth and great visibility of 100ft/30m. The wall dive allowed us to entry into another cave and we enjoy the shallow area of the reef with lobsters, moray eels and lots of pacific creole fish.

Then we headed to Roca Partida where we had a very good action with 8 galapagos sharks, schooling cotton mouth jacks in the area, bigeye jacks and tunas .The surge and current were challenging. The area was plenty of life, white tip sharks and a massive yellowfin tuna passed very close to us!! Such a great dive!! We also had a good interaction with 2 chevron mantas.

We then came back to dive the Canyon again. The current was strong and it helped us to find hammerheads, silvertips and mantas. The next day at the Boiler we dove with 4 bottle-nose dolphins, and a chevron manta was near the cleaning station.

To finish our trip we dove the canyon for the last time! A big tiger showed up very close to the reef in a strong current. During the very last dive, the same tiger shark about 4m/12ft came back to us one more time. Meantime, the hammerheads were above us, a manta chevron in front of us, and we were lucky to see the same tiger shark coming back at us to the cleaning station with two silvertip sharks. In between all of this, lots of white tip sharks!!

Ignacio h.Leyro

Scuba instructor


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