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May 1st – May 9th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

May 1st – May 9th, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Amazing big animal encounters!!

The trip kicked off with an nice checkout dive at Las Cuevas. Whitetips,
lobsters, eels, and green sea turtles greeted us in the warm and clear
waters. The first full day of diving was excellent at El Cañon! The
morning dive had everything, lots of dolphins, mantas, and sharks! There
was even a tiny newborn dolphin amongst the pod, maybe only a few days
old! Hammerheads, Galapagos, silvertips, silkies, blacktips and whitetips
were seen on all four dives, but a tiger shark was seen on both the second
and third dives.

Next stop was El Boiler and the mantas didn’t disappoint. The first dive
had dolphins and a couple mantas hanging around, but as the day progressed so did action. By the end of the day we were seeing at least eight mantas circling the site and doing really close passes with all the divers. We
also had a brief glimpse of false killer whales as they swam through the
site on the second dive! After El Boiler, we left San Benedicto for Roca
Partida. A mild current allowed for good encounters with schooling
hammerheads on both the first and second dives. No one was prepared
however for what awaited us the third dive. After entering the water and
descending to depth we looked up to find not one, but two whale sharks
were circling Roca! After regaining composure everyone was able to capture some great photos, videos, and memories The next stop was the island of Socorro. After the excitement of the past
couple days the dive site Cabo Pearce felt quiet. The usual suspects of
eels, lobsters, stingrays, whitetips, Galapagos, and silvertips were all
found amongst the reef. However a large school of hammerheads was found in the blue just off from the site as well. Then for our final day of diving we returned to El Cañon. Here we again found the same magic that started our trip.

Dolphins, mantas, hammerheads, a tiger, and the whole host of
reef sharks. With being able to see just about everything the islands have
to offer in a single dive site it was a perfect ending to a really great

The weather throughout the trip stayed a consistent 29°C/85°F and sunny.
Wind in excess of 10kts were around for the first and last days, but the
bulk of the trip was calm with just a slight breeze. Water visibility at
its lowest was 15m/45ft in patches at Cañon and at its highest was
35m/115ft at Roca, but averaged 25m/80ft. Apart from Roca Partida, there
was very little current around the dive sites, but thermoclines were
common with water temperatures of 25°C/77°F near the surface and 23°C/73°F in the deep.

Travel times are as follows:
-24 hours for Cabo San Lucas to San Benedicto
-9 hours for San Benedicto to Roca Partida
-8 hours for Roca Partida to Socorro
-5 hours for Socorro to San Benedicto
-36 hours for San Benedicto to Cabo San Lucas.

-Hex, Divemaster on Solmar V


Comments (2)

  1. Fernando Reply

    I’ve noticed that your current reports do not include any info about air temp, water temp, currents, visibility, or seas. While I realize this changes from week to week, when you are getting ready to go on the Solmar in a few days it’s nice to know how these factors have been trending.


    1. Solmar V Reply

      Thank you for noticing this and for letting us know. We already talked to our dive masters and will include this in all reports as we used to do 🙂


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