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November 10th – November 20th, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

November 10th – November 20th, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Manta Paradise!


Spot #1 (Las Cuevas, checkout dive)

Really big surprise on our first dive at Las Cuevas dive spot in San Benedicto island… lots of lobsters, octopus and big stingrays sight all over the place. Several white tips laying inside the caves and the best of all was at the very end of the dive, dolphins right under the boat, swimming around divers and having fun with them.

Spot #2 Boiler

Great dive at El Boiler, manta action everywhere to be seen during every single dive. Dolphins show up in the middle of the manta action during early dive and stay with the group for at least 20 minutes while interact with clients (awesome animals). Tiger shark sight close to mini boiler on the same area but didn’t stay for to long, followed by a really curious hammer head that got really close to the group. Great day…

Spot #3 El Cañón

Great day for shark lovers… Big school of of around 45 hammer heads lurking on the edge of El Cañón, while dolphins swimming around and play with each other, silver tips posing for photographers and Galapagos shark getting comfortable with the groups around them… lost of fish and jack groups at the end of dives under the boat followed by silky sharks coming and going along with them.

Spot #4 Cabo Pierce

One of the greatest dives of the trip, incredible dolphin action!!!!! group of dolphins got really playful with us on this magical place, they where actually begging to be pet!!!. Belly scratches where the highlight of this day followed by a game of ball with a buoy that mark the pace, something really weird to see, we where very lucky….

Spot #5 Punta Tosca

Great view on this wall dive in San Benedicto island, very colorful fishes and corals all over the place, hammer head sight around the area along with some silver and white tip sharks. Great scenery….

Spot 6 Roca Partida (2 days)

One of our favorite places on this beautiful archipelago where life explodes and gives you the chance to se something amazing… fish everywhere and the characteristic white tip shark cribs all around the rock. Hammer heads, galapagos and silver tips joined us on the dives around this spot and even on safety stops we had the company of some silky sharks going around over and over. Great place to sight giant mantas (Chevron and black mantas).

We’ll be back very soon to this magical place, you simply can’t get enough of this…


Diego Arciniega
Dive Master


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