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November 24th – December 2nd, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

November 24th – December 2nd, 2019 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

A Dolphins Trip

Hi All!
A journey of 24 hrs to San Benedicto to Island

Day 1
A check out dive by 16:30 hrs, it really was time to jump into the ocean, easy fun dive with lots of Fish, Lobsters, Eels, White Tip Reef Sharks, Rays, perfect underwater conditions to double check our Scuba gear.

Day 2
A gorgeous sunrise behind San Benedicto Island happening
Partly cloudy morning, really nice air temp, early dive at 7:20 am, water temp 81°F, descending into deep water of EL BOILER we hear the chirping of Dolphins even though we can’t see them yet, barely current from South makes big eye jacks gather at depth, very well organized, white tip reef Sharks swimming close to the bottom 120’/36m, suddenly shadows of dolphins appear, two Mantas gracefully swimming slowly over our heads enjoying of air bubbles hitting the belly area, the fun continues with the Dolphins that finally making themselves visible to us, slowly swimmers checking out allowing us to swim so close to make eye contact, I can say almost inviting us to pet them! But no! Not this time!
A 3.5 m Tiger Shark made also appearance in deep water while a second one swam by the surface, towards end of the day a very playful group of Dolphins came back into the the dive area among with a chevron Manta, Vis trough out he dives 50’/15m

Day 3
EL CAÑÓN dive site was a shark dive! A group of about 20 Hammer Heads almost swam by our heads, slow current from East was easy to deal with, a blue water dive made keep our eyes wide open for more of Hammer Heads, a shifting current made us begin every dive from different areas, not bad at all because the Dolphin encounter did happen again, the cleaning station 80’/24m kept us right by it just watching 8 juvenile Silver Tip Sharks.

Day 4
A Journey of 5 hrs to Socorro Island
Socorro Island, Dive Site CABO PEARCE made the day for our divers, the encounter with Dolphins was just amazing! Current was kicking hard from North to South, Vis average 15m/50′, water temp 75°F, so looking for Octopus in the reef the snout of a Dolphin gets in the way! Then a group of 10 came in, some how we got in the middle of a constant communication among them, the group came back to us at repeatedly times letting us pet some of them, a Hammer Head here and there, White tip Reef Sharks, right at the end of Vis a shadow turns into a Chevron manta, suddenly current stopped! Then we had Chevron Manta dive for long minutes in shallow water while other divers fun Dolphin dive at deeper water.

Day 5
A Journey of 9 hrs to Roca Partida
Vis always great! The blue color water that you almost need polarized mask! Current from North in every dive kept every fish in a good shape! White tip, Galapagos and Silver tip sharks all together swimming enjoying the North current, South end of the Rock not so much going on but while drifting a group of 6 Hammer Heads showed up to check us out, the Rock again was just covered with juvenile life Creolle Fish, West side 50’/15m deep hard coral area Lobsters adorning the wall, Barber Fish making a cleaning station in progress for Creolle Fish, off the wall East side Yellow Fin Tunas and Silky sharks tailing them, 81°F water temp.

Day 6
A journey of 9 hrs to San Benedicto
Today current from West side was extremely beneficial at EL CAÑON, that cleaning station was an area for Chevron and Black Mantas that kept coming back over and over, non stop! Adding to it, same area Silver Tips, Galapagos and Black Tip Sharks, current along the day didn’t stop which made us go drift dive while literally counting Yelly Fish so the dive ended up finding a school of about 50 Hammer Heads sharks that!! PARIENTE’S ROCK just a touch of a drift dive, shallow water dive lots of lobsters, Green Moray Eels, Fish, lost of Hard Coral, White Tip Reef Sharks, but then wanting to feel the slope we descended to 60’/18m, several minutes drifting not much going on until a group of 5 Dolphins found us, of course we had to do the Dolphin’s swim to keep them interested on us, not for much of time until the Mantas came in, slowly swimmers made us mimic their swim, a second time the group of Dolphins found us for more playing while a Galapagos and Hammer Heads Sharks made themselves visible to us at a short distance
The Nitrox Mix made every dive more fun by adding extra minutes at a safe depth to enjoy of Socorro’s Island under water life!!!

Port of departure Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Water Current in a scale of 1 to 5, 2
Water Temp average 79°F
Crossing back to Cabo from San Benedicto Island 26.5 hrs

Dive Inst. Daniel Zapata
Solmar V
Dec 02, 2019.


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