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October 11th – October 15th, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

October 11th – October 15th, 2017 #TripReport (Guadalupe Island)

We arrived to Guadalupe Island in a sunny day. The crew set the cages in the water and everything was about expectation and wait. The Great White Sharks were in deeper waters and the first ones to surface arrived in the afternoon .A big female of 4 m / 12 ft was around the cages at the surface, when another 2 males of 3 m / 9 ft arrived to do circles around the submersible cage. The next day the action begun early and we saw 5 different sharks during the day. A big male of 3.5 m / 11 ft with few scratches in the face, another male of 3 m / 9 ft with a rope all around its head. A huge female of 4 m / 12 ft , massive volume, with a couple of pilots fish around was giving hard work to the wranglers, swimming from the depth to the cages at the surface biting and pulling the bait, when another male of 4 m / 12 ft showed up. From the submersible cage we watched 3 to 4 Great Whites at the same time. They’ve been passing close to all the cages, but when they pass close to the submersible cage at the 20 Ft / 6 m and under the cage was absolutely amazing! The conditions were perfect to enjoy this dives , the water temperature 70 fº / 21C º and the visibility 50 ft / 15 m to 80 ft / 24 m. It makes of Guadalupe the best place in the world to interact with Great White Sharks!

The last day the action remain the same, 5 different Sharks, 2 of them arrived in the morning and a female of 4 m / 12 ft comes close to the cages at the surface while a couple of freedivers of the Pelagios Kakunja foundation were tagging the Great whites out of the cages under the supervision of the recognized Biologist Mauricio Hoyos which has the kindness to give a presentation to all our divers, about his studies about the Great white Shark in Guadalupe. A wonderful experience in the Island, meantime we are heading back to Ensenada with nice conditions and waiting for more adventures to tell!!

See you soon!

Ignacio Hernan Leyro

Scuba Instructor

Solmar V



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