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October 28th – November 8th, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

October 28th – November 8th, 2018 (Socorro Islands) #TripReport

Dive Report Sea of Cortes & Socorro Island ( October 28th – November 8th)

Hi All!!

La Reyna at the sea of Cortes was a very enjoyable dive, clear and warm water, lots of tropical fish, sea king angel fish, lots of surgeon fish, pieces of a shipwreck and was amazing to confirm that the mantas are back!! A beautiful Manta passed in front of us and a a couple of sea lions were dancing around. The swaney reef was a shallow dive 30 ft / 9 m with plenty of hard coral and tropical fish. We found small stuff as jewel moray eel, zebra moray eel, blennys in the sandy bottom and a sea lion was hunting around an into a mackerel school!

The next day in La Paz we dove Los Islotes and we had a lot of fun diving with the sea lions. They were very playful. We entered into an small cave and the sea lions were swimming around and they came to play with us and they were very curious. They love to bite our fins, snorkels, strobes… Then, a juvenile sea lion was giving hugs to the divers with its fins and another was in the legs of a diver as a baby. In the shallow was plenty of sardines and tropical fish and more and more sea lions were coming to play with us!


Cabo Pulmo was the next stop and we have a wonderful action with the baitball of Amberjacks at El Bajo. Some bullsharks showed up at El Cien and La Esperanza, lots of corals and big groupers and tropical fish! We left the sea of Cortes behind and we headed to Roca Partida at the Revillagigedo Archipelago. Once there, we found 3 gorgeous Mantas Chevron and a Black Manta!! We also saw Galapagos Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Silky sharks, big yellowfin tunas, Wahoos  and a couple of hammerheads were around and the mantas were around during the 3 dives!


The Next stop was San Benedicto Island. We dove at El Cañon where we found a wonderful Manta Chevron which was around the cleaning stations and we saw a couple of hammerheads and silvertips sharks and a Galapagos Shark. We then went to El Pariente’s Rock and we had 2 Mantas Chevron swimming around us at all the time, but when we saw a huge hammerhead in the shade we split to the blue water where the water was very clear and a schooling hammerheads of 8 to 10 passed very close. We finally came back to the reef to say bye to the Mantas. We finished the day at El Cañon with a manta, silvertips and a big Galapagos Shark.


The next day was a great diving at The Boiler with a bunch of Bottlenose Dolphins, 8 to 10 dolphins playing around and was a Manta day. Mantas everywhere, swimming up and down… Black Mantas and Mantas Chevron! 4 to 6 Mantas on every dive. We also saw hammerheads, silvertips sharks and more Mantas! 4 dives of 60 minutes each dive and all the bottom time with Mantas!!


We came come back to the sea of Cortes and Gordo Banks was a beautiful reef plenty of black coral and Chileno Bay was a good option to watch lots of tropical fish as surgeon fish, Sargent, sea king angelfish and others. The last day we dove at The Blow Hole / Bufadora where we saw an Eagle ray and lots of tropical fish and we finished at Santa Maria Bay, diving trough the beautiful canyons, enjoying the nice view of all the corals, tropical fish and a Diamond Stingray was swimming with us. What a perfect day near to sunny Cabo San Lucas!!




I’ll see you soon!!
Ignacio Hernan Leyro
Scuba Instructor
Solmar V

Weather Conditions : 2 ( tropical storm heading Socorro -we needed to move for safety reasons)
Wind: 1
Clouds: 0
Current: 1
Visibility : 80 ft / 24 m ( Chileno bay 1st day 3 ft / 1m )
temperature average : 84 ° F / 29 ° C
Crossing : 34 hs ( main Crossing San Benedicto- Punta Gorda )


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