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September 29th – October 3rd, 2018 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport

September 29th – October 3rd, 2018 (Guadalupe Island) #TripReport


As the Guadalupe great white shark season continues the hurricane season does the same and for this trip we had the presence of Rosa, hurricane category 4 coming from the south west of Mexico heading towards Guadalupe Island so we had to make a shorter trip this time according to the weather conditions and always thinking about the safety of our customers.

On our first day we started the operation with nice and flat seas, so as the day passed we could spot over ten different sharks among them the well-known male Andy made his appearance to amaze our guests with his big and even elegant shape. Between the other sharks there were a lot of juvenile males trying to grab the bait at the end of the lines but the wranglers were very alert to their attempts. One of them was very sneaky and was trying to get it from under the boat with a fast move, which made the spectacle even better for the divers at the surface cage and the submersible.

On the second day we had an early visit of the sharks starting from 6:30 am and staying with us until the last moment, which along the day we had over 9 different individuals coming and going from one side to the other and having even 4 at the same time, one of them had a long fishing line which made us feel really bad about it because we have seen it from previous trips. We also saw a new shark in the island with lot of pilot fishes giving him company all the time and a recently unofficial named shark “white nose” due a scar it has on his nose. The sea at the end of the day started to be choppy and the swell was raising the cages with the waves, so it was time to depart and head back to Ensenada with happy divers and tons of photos to share with the shark community.

Rodrigo Marroquín, dive instructor.


Comments (2)

  1. Terry and Lisa gile Reply

    I was on this trip. Excellent crew, staff, food . Treated very well and got to see a lot of great white action above and below the water. My wife and I will be back in future, Thanks for a great trip

    1. Solmar V Reply

      Pleasure having you both, Terry and Lisa! See you soon! Check out our new liveabaord The Socorro Vortex:

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